About Us

Casadei Foods is the baby of Carla and Marco Casadei, who are both long established authorities in the plant-based food scene in London and the UK. We have always been 100% plant-based and been passionate about making all of our own ingredients initially for our own restaurants and now for foodservice in general.

Marco & Carla Casadei outside the Young Vegans Pie Shop

Originally starting life in 2015 as Young Vegans and then 2018 as Death By Pizza, we have opened 3 restaurants as well as operated at major festivals and events across the UK. We also run two busy D2C and B2B stores selling our produce to customers across the UK.

In 2023 we took the decision to pivot away from hospitality to focus all of our time and resources on the production of our vegan mozzarella and other ingredients at our dedicated production facility in Chalk Farm NW5. We currently work with over 100 UK restaurants and are adding more every week.

If you would like to get in touch with us you can always get us on ciao@casadeifoods.com or use the contact form.