Collection: Vegan Mozzarella

Transform your restaurant, café, or food service menu with our premium Vegan Mozzarella offerings, tailored to meet the demands of modern, health-conscious customers while delivering uncompromised taste and quality.

Elevate your culinary creations with our effortlessly meltable Grated Mozza, perfect for topping pizzas, lasagnas, and a myriad of savoury baked goods. Discover the exceptional versatility of our Mozza Block, a dream for chefs that cuts smoothly for sandwiches, melts beautifully in hot dishes, and maintains its integrity when used in cold applications. And for those special gourmet dishes, our Mozza Di Bufala provides an indulgent, creamy texture with a delicate taste profile that can turn a simple caprese salad into a standout dish.

All our variants are crafted from the finest plant-based ingredients, ensuring that your establishment can cater to vegans, vegetarians, and dairy-free diners, without compromising on flavour or texture. Offer your customers the future of cheese alternatives with our Vegan Mozzarella range – the smart choice for environmentally conscious businesses looking to expand their market reach and delight patrons with exceptional taste.